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Acu-Cutter 500 8" Dual moving blades, multi purpose foam cutter

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The Acu-Cutter 500 is one of the finest multi purpose foam cutter on the market today that can cut most foams up to 8 inches thick. The Acu-Cutter 500 has 2 blades, both move for maximum cutting ability. The blades are made from inch (front to back) V tooth blade material (10 teeth per inch) to produce a fine reliable cut.

Uses a detachable, low profile base with glide rollers This base can be removed to produce angle cuts or sculpting Powered with a 4.5 amp Black & Decker JS 500 jig saw motor with variable speed. Accordingly, these motors can be replaced at a low cost with ease and parts are readily available. Other more expensive foam cutters can cost $350 to replace a motor. Because the Acu-Cutter 350 motor can be replaced with ease, the Acu-Cutter 500 is the best choice today for a reliable high volume foam cutter. Quality
Pre-tested ready to use out of the box. Other cutters require the purchase of supplementary parts and assembly.
Simply put, the Acu-Cutter 500 is a relatively inexpensive, reliable, multi purpose foam cutter that can be easily serviced.
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