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Refurbished Singer 7-33 With New Motor stand

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Heavy capacity sewing, 1 needle lockstitch, oscillating large shuttle hook, for sewing lifting slings, boat sails, parachute harnesses, buffing wheels, book binding, logging belts, tarpaulins and covers

Featues 1" presser foot clearance (up to 1-1/4" with L shaped feed and plate setup), OPTIONAL foot pedal operated reverse for additional cost.

Specifications Bed 25-1/4" long, 10" wide, workspace 15-7/8", equiped for V belt, Head weight 173 net
Max. Speed, 550 stitches per minute, 1" foot clearance with double row feeder, 1-1/4" with single row 'L' shaped feeder setup, stitch length 2~8 stitches per inch, up to V554 setup with 1000H or 6X3 needle system, bobbin 35226, pre wound bobbin size 41, Hook 35224, 301 federal lockstitch, Ships FOB Philadelphia, PA