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Singer 68 Box Cross Tacker with assembled power stand

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NEW! CLICK HERE for Singer 68 Class Large Bobbin Specific Parts

Singer 3/4" X 3/4" 56 stitch, Regular bobbin NEW! CLICK HERE for Singer 68 3/4" X 3/4" 56 stitch Box Cross tacker Demo on YouTube!

The economical and versatile Singer 68 class is made and converted in the United States, and is capable of sewing a wide range of goods, such as slings, straps, seat belts, cargo nets, and a wide variety of other commonly sewn goods. Available in both large and regular bobbin capacity, machine can sew utilizing commercial size thread sizes from as heavy as V346 (Gvt. #5) or as light as a 33 (Gvt. AA) thread.

Machines of this type can enable you to be not only more productive, but also sew a consistent pattern, over and over again with no stitch variation.

Call us at 215/922.6900 or Email Us for pricing and availability of machines of this type, and let us assist you with finding the best possible pattern available for your work. To do this, we normally will need samples of your work, in addition to test materials and threads to provide accurate estimates for you.

Other pattern tackers available. We also carry a full line of parts and accessories for the Singer 68 and 69 class tackers, as well as service and repair in house.