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Consew 501P Cordless Rechargeable Rotary Fabric Cutter

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Rechargeable. Consew 501P Cordless Rechargeable Rotary Fabric Cutter Consew Model 501P Rechargeable and cordless Heavy Duty Cordless Electric Shear Complete with heavy duty NiCad, Battery Pack and Temperature controlled Quick Charge Charger Features:
This cordless heavy duty electric shear works like a pair of hand shears only faster, cleaner and easier. Cuts material of up to 1/2 (12mm) in thickness, including knitted fabrics, leather, carpet, fiberglass, etc.

A 2-15/16 (60mm) 10-sided round knife and carbide tipped stationary counter knife, becomes a self sharpening combination.
At the heart of this cutter is its powerful 9.6 volt brushless motor fed by a heavy-duty NiCad Battery Pack. It recharges in 1 hour and can cut approximately 325 yards (300 meters) of cloth or 350 feet (120 meters) of carpet on a single charge. For continuous operation, keep a second battery in the charger.
The newly designed knife guard meets international safety regulations.
501P comes equipped with simple touch sharpener to ensure sharpness at all times.
Stops automatically if it slips out of your hand. Consew 501P Cordless Rechargeable Rotary Fabric Cutter The shear with battery attached is only 2.5lbs (1.136kg) 11-1/2 (29.5cm) long.

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